This program supports variables. There are three types of variables:

  • USER: Variables created by the user using the var command. These variables have no access restrictions.
  • SYSTEM: Variables created by the system, that can be read and written, but cannot be deleted.
  • READONLY: Variables created by the system, that can be read, but not written or deleted.

Reserved Variables

There are a few reserved variables:

  • $res/$result: General result variable.
  • $resN/$resultN: Optional other result variables (N= 1-4).
  • $pid: Process ID of the debugged executable.
  • $hp/$hProcess: Debugged executable handle.
  • $lastalloc: Last result of the alloc command.
  • $breakpointcondition : Controls the pause behaviour in the conditional breakpoint command.
  • $breakpointcounter : The hit counter of the breakpoint, set before the condition of the conditional breakpoint is evaluated.
  • $breakpointlogcondition : The log condition of the conditional breakpoint. It cannot be used to control the logging behavoiur.