This section describes various terms and concepts used by x64dbg.

  • Breakpoint A breakpoint defines a condition when the debuggee should be paused. There are 5 types of breakpoint, namely software breakpoint, hardware breakpoint, memory breakpoint, DLL breakpoint and exception breakpoint.
  • Conditional Breakpoint A conditional breakpoint lets you define some simple operations that executes automatically when the breakpoint is hit, and then conditionally resumes program execution. See documentation for conditional breakpoint for more information.
  • Conditional Tracing Conditional tracing lets you execute the program step-by-step, and pause when the specified condition is met. See documentation for conditional tracing for more information.
  • DLL Breakpoint A DLL breakpoint specifies the name of a DLL. When the DLL is loaded or unloaded, the debuggee will be paused.
  • Trace recording A trace recording is a log of all traced instructions, typically displayed in the Trace View.
  • Trace coverage Trace coverage records if and how many times an instruction has been executed. An instruction that has been covered before will be displayed in a different background color (by default green). It is analogous to leaving footprints while exploring a maze.