Set the Just-In-Time Debugger in Windows. In WIN64 systems there are two JIT entries: one for a x32 debugger and other for a x64 debugger. In a WIN64 system when a x32 process crash: Windows attach the x32 debugger stored in the x32-JIT entry.

Important notes:

  • Its possible change the x32-JIT entry from the x64 debugger (using the x32 arg).
  • Its possible change the x64-JIT entry from the x32 debugger ONLY if the x32 debugger its running in a WIN64 System (using the x64 arg).


Without arguments: Set the current debugger as JIT.


  1. oldsave: Set the current debugger as JIT and save the last JIT entry.
  2. restore: Set the old JIT entry stored as JIT and remove it from debugger db.
  3. old (without arg2): Set the old JIT entry stored as new JIT.
  4. old (with arg2): Set the arg2 as old JIT entry stored.
  5. x32: Set the arg2 as new x32-JIT entry.
  6. x64: Set the arg2 as new x64-JIT entry.


This command does not set any result variables.