Get the Auto Just-In-Time Debugger FLAG in Windows. if this flag value its TRUE Windows runs the debugger without user confirmation when a process crash. In WIN64 systems there are two JIT AUTO FLAG entries: one for a x32 debugger and other for a x64 debugger. In a WIN64 system when a x32 process crash with AUTO FLAG = FALSE: Windows confirm before attach the x32 debugger stored in the x32-JIT entry.

Important notes:

  • Its possible get the x32-JIT AUTO FLAG entry from the x64 debugger (using the x32 arg).
  • Its possible get the x64-JIT AUTO FLAG entry from the x32 debugger ONLY if the x32 debugger its running in a WIN64 System (using the x64 arg).


without args: Get current JIT entry FLAG.


  1. x32: Get the x32-JIT AUTO FLAG.
  2. x64: Get the x64-JIT AUTO FLAG.


This command does not set any result variables.