This view includes all the log messages. When an address is output in the log message, it will be shown as a hyperlink. You can click on it to follow it in disassembly or in dump, depending on its memory access rights.

The log view has the following context menu:


Clear the log view.

Select All

Select all the text of the log.


Copy the selected text.


Save the log to a text file.

Disable Logging/Enable Logging

Disables or enables log output. When the logging is disabled, no more messages will output to the log.

Auto scroll

Enables or disables auto-scrolling. When enabled, the log view will scroll to the bottom as new log messages are coming in.

Redirect Log

Redirect log message to a file. If you enable this feature, all the messages will be saved to a UTF-16 encoded text file. The message will be saved to the text file no matter whether logging is enabled.

Disable Log Redirection

This menu entry is valid only if the log redirection is active. It stops log redirection.