This function registers a command for usage inside scripts or the command bar.

bool _plugin_registercommand(
    int pluginHandle, //plugin handle
    const char* command, //command name
    CBPLUGINCOMMAND cbCommand, //function that is called when the command is executed
    bool debugonly //restrict the command to debug-only


pluginHandle:Handle of the calling plugin.
command:Command name.
cbCommand:Callback with the following typedef:
int argc //argument count (number of arguments + 1)
char* argv[] //array of arguments (argv[0] is the full command, arguments start at argv[1])
debugonly:When set, the command will never be executed when there is no target is being debugged.

Return Values

This function returns true when the command was successfully registered, make sure to check this, other plugins may have already registered the same command.