Execute a script DLL.


arg1 The filename and path of the script DLL. If a full path is not provided x64dbg will look in the scripts directory for the DLL.


This command does not set any result variables. However, the script DLL may set any variable.


A script DLL is a DLL that exports either AsyncStart() or Start() function.

If the DLL exports AsyncStart() function, then x64dbg will call this function on a separate thread. If the DLL exports Start() function, then x64dbg will call this function on the current thread, blocking any further command execution until the script DLL finishes execution. If both AsyncStart() and Start() are exported, only AsyncStart() will be executed. Any return value of AsyncStart() and Start() will not be used by x64dbg.

After AsyncStart() or Start() finishes, the script DLL will be unloaded from the process.